Logistics Assistant – Quezon City – Dezign Works Philippines Inc

Job Description / Requirements
Logistics Assistants are mainly responsible for coordinating the storage, transportation and delivery of goods. They oversee and liaise with colleagues to ensured stock is maintained and moved efficiently.

Job Duties:
• Receive shipments and ensure both quality and quantity
• Trace, track and expedite purchase processes
• Ensure timely delivery of goods
• Interact with third party logistics service providers
• Ensure accuracy of all inventories
• Maintain communication with warehouse staff to ensure proper working order
• Review bills, invoices and purchase orders
• Ensure all payments are processed in time
• Create packing lists and update shipment information in database
• Organize files both manually and electronically
• Monitor and facilitate repair orders
• Coordinate deliveries for repaired or returned items
• Ensure that the warehouse has sufficient space for incoming deliveries
• Ensure that all items are properly numbered and tagged or labeled
• Dispose of unserviceable or damaged items
• Conduct safety procedures for outbound shipment vehicle
• Manage warehouse security related work

How to Apply
Kindly send resume to maryjoanne.acielo@dezignworks.com.ph and to joannebritanico@gmail.com

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