Associate Dentist – DENTISTA

Job Description & Requirements

1. Conducts treatment or consultation for new patients under the rules of succession, patients of other dentists during emergencies or absence of assigned dentist.
2. Ensures review of patient information form including medical and dental history prior to treatment and accuracy of accomplished pink form after treatment.
3. Consults senior dentists in diagnosis and treatment plan if the need arises. Likewise, renders assistance to other dentists when needed.
4. Explains to patients the details of proposed treatment procedures including treatment costs and billing policies.
5. Provides post-operative instructions to patients as well as information on oral hygiene.
6. Oversees maintenance and sterilization of assigned low-speed and high-speed hand pieces, preparation of treatment area.
7. Provides guidance and assistance to new Dental Assistants.

How to Apply
You may send resume to or send your full name and desired position to 09279373899 for interview schedule