Company Nurse – NBC (Philippines) Car Technology Corporation

Job Description & Requirements
NBC (Philippines) Car Technology Corporation is hiring Company Nurse.

1. Administers first aid treatments and provide medications for employees as needed.
2. Monitors and records patients’ condition.
3. Assists all injured employees to the nearest hospital.
4. Maintains all employees’ medical and other similar records for future reference.
5. Secures and ensures that sick employees submit “fit to work” certificates before they proceed to their specific station/department.
6. Interprets and evaluates diagnostic test based on the verification of medical certificates.
7. Schedules and assists annual medical examination of all employees to prevent risk condition.
8. Monitors absenteeism and conducts visitation at home as needed especially if the stated reason is always on health issues.
9. Generates medical report every month and prepares purchase requests as necessary.

How to Apply
Kindly send resume to