Consultancy – RTI International

Job Description / Requirements
RTI is planning to hire a consultant to work with the Department of Health (DOH), Infectious Disease Division to update and revise the current Integrated Helminth Control Program (IHCP) Mass Treatment Guide. The current IHCP Guide was revised in 2014, but never finalized. The guidelines are used at every level of the DOH, from the national level down to the local governing unit. Additionally, the Department of Education and the Department of Interior Local Government use these guidelines as well. The DOH has requested the guide be reviewed to ensure it contains the latest information according to the WHO 2011 Helminth Control in School-Age Children manual and STH-TAS manual, as well as the new strategy of the DOH’s National Deworming Day. Updating the guidelines will include reviewing the current 36 page document, paying specific attention to the Monitoring and Evaluations section and activities leading up to the deworming day.
Specific Responsibilities:
• Review and compare the DOH IHCP Guide with the current WHO STH manual and identify areas that need to be aligned;
• Work with the DOH to update the implementation of activities section to be sure to include the MDA activities leading up to the annual deworming day;
Proposed expected deliverables:
• Draft of the updated manual for comments from the DOH and RTI;
• Final manual with comments incorporated;

Anticipated effort:
It is anticipated the consultant will conduct a thorough review of the most recent WHO guidance and DOH STH guidelines and be familiar with how to translate the technical guidelines into an operations manual. A draft will be sent to the DOH and to RTI for a one week review period before the final document is submitted.
Period of Performance:
March 1, 2016 – March 31, 2016
The anticipated LOE for this consultancy is 15 working days in Manila.

Payment Schedule
The consultant will invoice 50% upon submission of the draft updated manual and the remaining 50% upon submission of the final manual.

Interested candidates may email your CV to the point of contact for this consultancy work.
Only selected candidates will be contacted, deadline for submission is on February 15, 2016, COB

How to Apply
Please send your CV to the following email: and