Gender Specialist – UNDP – Manila

Duties and Responsibilities
Scope of Work
Under the direct supervision of the ISD Programme Manager through the ISD Programme Analyst, the Gender Specialist shall:
Determine the number of men and women, disaggregated by age, in the project site and their roles, responsibilities and priorities in their access, use and utilisation of natural resources and non-timber forest products;
Conduct a participatory analysis of the differentiated impacts of biodiversity and ecosystem degradation on women and men, disaggregated by age;
Assess gender dynamics shaping adoption (or lack thereof) of biodiversity-friendly practices, identifying enabling conditions that have been found to work;
Undertake socio-economics assessment for selected sites, identifying key crops being grown in the selected project sites and pilot areas and establish current proportion of land for selected households, and annual productivity; also identify sources of incomes for most households and levels of poverty (household incomes);
Based on the findings, prepare a gender action plan for incorporation into the Project Document (PRODOC) to ensure that the project strategy and its implementation are monitored as appropriate in terms of gender-responsiveness;
Using the findings of the gender analysis exercise, propose gender-disaggregated indicators and targets for integration into the Project Results Framework;
Support action points, including risk assessments, from the UNDP Social and Environmental Screening Procedure (SESP) at the PIF stage (“pre-screening”) to ensure these are fully implemented during the PPG, and update that screening in an iterative fashion throughout the PPG, as appropriate;
Provide responses to the UNDP SESP on sections related to gender and women’s empowerment and make recommendations for the Gender Marker Rating for the overall project strategy.

Institutional Arrangement
For the duration of the contract, the consultant will be part of the Project Preparation Grant (PPG) Team that shall report to and coordinate with UNDP and key focal agencies such as DENR-BMB. All activities supported by this engagement should be cleared by UNDP.
The Stakeholder Engagement and Gender Specialist is expected to work and closely coordinate with the Lead Project Development Specialist and other national consultants (ABS Policy & Institutional Specialist, ABS and Enterprise Development Specialist & Gender Specialist) in the conduct of key project preparation activities and to deliver the necessary inputs and data for the drafting and finalization of the required UNDP Project Document including its mandatory annexes and the GEF CEO Endorsement.
All outputs should be endorsed by the DENR-BMB as the Project’s proponent before UNDP issues the certificate of acceptance for the processing of payments.

Duration of Work
The Consultant shall be engaged for 48 working days over 11 months.
Scope of Price Proposal and Schedule of Payments
The financial proposals from possible candidates should be expressed in lump sum amount inclusive of all financial costs related to this engagement (i.e. professional fees, transportation/travel to and from residence-Manila, reproduction, communications including internet).


Corporate Competencies

Demonstrates integrity by modelling the UN mission, vision, values and ethical standards
Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
Promotes UNDP’s agenda in meetings

Other Competencies

Ability to work in close collaboration with a group of national and international experts, to meet strict deadlines and plan the work according to priorities
Initiative, good analytical skills, mature judgment and ability to work under tight schedule while respecting deadlines achievement, ethics and honesty
Strong initiative and desire to succeed, accountable and willingness to be pro-active in identifying suitable companies and engaging in appropriate business opportunities
Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude
Builds strong relationships with internal and external clients
Demonstrates capacity to plan, organize and execute effectively
Encourages risk-taking in the pursuit of creativity and innovation
Demonstrated ability to function in a multicultural team environment & to deal with complex multi-stakeholder environment
Good ability to use information and communication technologies as tools and resources
Excellent written communication and presentation/public speaking skills, focus on results, ability to interact productively in a teamwork environment
Proven experience in dialoguing with senior level government and private sector executives

Required Skills and Experience
Qualifications of the Successful Individual Contractor
Bachelor’s degree in Women Studies/Community Development/ Sociology/ Gender and Development and its related fields.

Minimum Seven (7) years of demonstrable experience in gender analysis and development and excellent understanding of gender and development issues in the Philippines
Previous work on similar projects (submission of at least two sample of previous papers or proposals where he/she was the principal author is required)

Fluency in written and spoken English;
Strong technical writing skills;
Excellent coordination and communication skills

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