Licensed Pharmacist – Metro Manila – St. Francis Generic Drug

Job Description / Requirements
St. Francis Generic Drug, under the St. Francis Square Group of Companies, offers affordable and quality generic medicines.

ST. FRANCIS GENERIC DRUG extends its network closer to every Filipino’s reach.

The demand for medicines has always been high. However, with the increasing prices of branded medicines, most Filipinos disregard their health requirements just because of financial constraints. Given such picture, generic alternatives opened doors for more Filipinos to attain solutions to their heath care dilemmas.

At St. Francis Generic Drug, we offer quality products at competitive and affordable prices. All generic medicines are FDA-registered products and we guarantee that our generic medicines contain the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts. Above all, we are driven by a culture of customer-first approach and excellence, offering quality products and empowering customers through our product’s economical prices, all for the glory of God.

It is also at St. Francis Generic Drug where we bring not just affordable medicines but also health care services that extend “convenience” to its customers. From discounts, health services such as the FREE DOCTORS CLINIC, to medical missions, we continue to extend better access of health care to more people.

Bachelor’s/College Degree in Pharmacy
Registered Licensed Pharmacist
6-months retail/drugstore experience

Excellent interpersonal skills
Good communication skills
Strong customer relations skills
Knowledge in computer software (POS)
Maintains professional attitude in manner and in appearance

Filling prescription forms and preparing orders using computer skills.
Dispense drugs/medications following prescriptions issued by an authorized medical practitioner and counsel customers
Assist new staff on actual store operations
Order and store medicines, keeping them safe, pure, and effective
Oversees the performance of packaging, labeling, measuring, compounding, storing, charging, and recording medications used in patient care
Review prescriptions for appropriateness of therapy to determine ingredients needed and to ensure correct dosage.
Advises patients and care providers of potential drug interactions, possible side effects, storage information, and instructions on how to use medications.
Presents drug lectures to medical nursing staff, physicians, and other groups on matters pertaining to pharmacy.
Prepares sterile products for patient administration; determines proper preparation, packaging, sterilization, storage, and stability requirements of the product.
Assists clinicians in establishing the proper protocols, storage, distribution, and administration procedures for investigational drugs
Trains and supervises Pharmacy Assistants as assigned
Develops or participates in clinical pharmaceutical research
Serves as a preceptor for pharmacy interns

How to Apply
For interested applicants, kindly email us at Once applied, we will revert back to you within one (1) week moving forward. Note: Kindly indicate at the Subject your name, position applying for and date. Example: Juan dela Cruz – Pharmacist