Medical / Health Information Researcher – Friendlysoft Technology Inc

Job Description & Requirements
Friendlysoft Technology Inc. is hiring Medical/Health Information Researcher.

FriendlySoft Technology, Inc. is looking for a physician who is willing and able to conduct a research in creating and compiling data of health/medical information on (setting up health information system for the health provider) by Identifying:

What diagnoses belong to what symptom of diseases
What lab. Tests are needed to order for appropriate diagnosis
What medication to be given for what diagnosis
What radiology tests are needed for certain health problems
What actions to take and plans to make for related medical conditions
What advices to give patient according to diagnosis and problems
What education materials are appropriate to give to patients
What specialists to refer patients to according to diagnosis and qualification
All related patient’s medical needs to cure and to prevent illnesses

Who may qualify:
A Health researcher who has experience in researching as stated above
A Health professional who has done compiling data related to patient care
A physician or a nurse who has hands on patient care experiences

Tool usability skills:
Computer savvy, internet user, scanners, voice recognition software
Familiar with EMR/EHR (Helpful but not necessary)
Familiar with Microsoft offices
Familiar with the use of microfilm (Helpful but not necessary)
Familiar with medical/legal reference books
Familiar with ICD 9/ICD10 and CPT
Familiar with how and where to find resources in gathering information

Communication skills:
High level of English reading skills
High level of English report writing skills
High level of English speaking skills (Accent is not a major problem)

How to Apply
email your resume to