Medical Transcriptionist – SOFEX BPO

Job Description & Requirements
• Can produce a minimum of 800 lines/day at 99% accuracy. This is only target (not quota) and expected to hit after you master the account. You will be paid based on lines generated.
• Must have all the equipment necessary for home transcription. Must have Infinity pedal (platform is only compatible with Infinity). If you do not have pedal but comfortable using hot keys, please inform us.
• Applicants must have at least 1 year of medical transcription experience.
• Must have formal medical transcription training or equivalent experience
• Preferably with a Bachelor’s/College Degree in the Medical or Allied Medical field.
• Must have excellent hearing acuity and exceptional listening skills
• Must have excellent command of English language, grammar and punctuation
• Must be able to keep information confidential and adhere to AAMT ethical standards

VR – P0.50 / Line
Straight – P1.00 / Line

DAY: Tuesday to Saturday – 7am to 4pm (Manila Time)
**Start of shift will be in between 5am to 11am Manila Time. The operations supervisor will advise you**

How to Apply
HIRING PROCESS: 1. Send your resume by replying to this message or email it to 2. HR will call you for evaluation. If OK, they will send you the job contract and training modules. They will also schedule your start date. 3. After that, our Operations Supervisor, will contact you via Skype on your first day of operation. 4. Payout schedule and other important details will be on the job contract.