Nurse – Laguna – Anderson’s International Diagnostic Laboratory

Job Description / Requirements
a. Assess and performs primary interview to the patient;
b. Takes Vital signs, weight, height and other basic data of the patient;
c. Explains procedures to be undertaken by the patient;
d. Performs 12 lead electrocardiography, audiometry and simple visual examination to the patient;
e. Assist and anticipates the needs of the doctors;
f. Coordinates examinations done to the patient to the doctor;
g. Records pertinent data of the patient;
h. Organizes records for future reference;
i. Responsible for the releasing of results to the appropriate person

How to Apply
Please send your credentials at or Globe: 0917-533-3130 or 0917-328-8157 Sun: 0922-885-5752 You can also reach and like us through: Facebook:

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