Operations and Procurement Manager – Children International

Plans, organizes, controls, monitors and continually improves the Operations, Procurement, Facilities Maintenance/Renovation/Construction and General Services of CIBI to align with holistic child and youth development thrust through the following programs: health and nutrition, youth, education, child protection, career readiness, etc. within the CI policies, strategic priorities, guidelines and standards. Establishes policies and procedures to ensure transparency and accountability in conducting operations and purchasing activities. Produces high quality reports; selects and leads direct reports in performing their duties and responsibilities to meet the set performance goals and objectives.

• Leads the department and ensures that work activities in facilities/infrastructure management, purchasing, warehousing and transportation are aligned with approved annual plans, priorities, policies, procedures and standards.
• Prepares annual budget for the department which includes head office, service area centers, capital requirements, repair and maintenance of building and vehicles, utilities, supplies, etc. per guidelines and coordinates with department heads and Field Director for smooth implementation of operational and administrative requirements; and analyzes budget variances report monthly and reprograms as appropriate to ensure funds are effectively used in the implementation as planned.
• Creates and implements strategies for enhancing and streamlining administrative processes; leverages technology solutions in collaboration with IT to simplify and expedite administrative activities.
• Monitors and evaluates all operational and administrative activities to ensure that the intended beneficiaries receive holiday gifts, global goals on youth, education and health programs, SR compliance of Ri to R12; emergency assistance.
• Sets performance objectives with direct reports; monitors, aligns/adjusts and reviews performance outcomes and conducts performance appraisal at least two times a year.
• Coaches, motivates and empowers direct reports to achieve goals and exhibit positive attitude and excellent performance.
• Implements consequences of subordinates’ behavior – positive or negative in consultation with Field Director and HR Coordinator. This entails rewards/recognition or disciplines in case of deviation from the policy/HR Manual and organizational ethos.

• Leads, monitors and controls the canvassing, purchasing, accreditation of suppliers and renewal of all insurance policies and security services and approves check requests.
• Ensures timely execution of purchases per agency work plan.
• Prepares annual publication of a joint SOA advertisement for vendors’ accreditation. Maintain Vendor database up to date
• Coordinates across functional areas to ensure that requirements and products specs to be purchased are matched and within the standards.
• Reviews procurement policies and practices to identify potential risks or deviation and provides recommendations/solutions.
• Ensure accurate consolidated monthly reports are sent to SOA Director
• Ensures the update of Fixed Asset Register

• Reviews and/or updates, negotiates and prepares all lease agreements of sub-offices and coordinates with concerned departments for further inputs.
• Quality controls and monitors the services/products provided by third-party providers and represents CIBI’s best interest and ensure on-time, in-scope delivery. This includes security guards, janitorial, constructions workers, etc.

• Plans and manages logistics for physical spaces and lay-outs (renovation/construction), infrastructure, equipment, timeline, transfer and titling of properties per approval of BOT through FD.
• Reviews credentials, documents submitted, cross-checks with clients served; and approves the application for accreditation of vendors/suppliers.
• Reviews and recommends implementation of viable SR proposed donations such as house purchases or construction.
• Implements MDLP construction projects.
• Prepares budget estimates and implementation plan for proposed construction projects. Performs physical inspection to construction sites and in the distribution of supplies/products.
• Inter-department liaisons/coordination.
• Attends all required meetings, learning activities, workshop, etc.
• Produces high quality reports for management and funding agencies use such as monthly, quarterly, mid and year-end reports
• Facilitates regular meeting with staff for updates and resolves emerging issues, draw learning points and develops action plan
• Conducts field visits to ensure effectiveness on ground implementation of
• Communicates regularly with Regional Program Coordinator and CIBI Program Officers on the state of all key program components especially on program issues and concerns.
• Ensure the renewal of insurance.
• Prepare action plan on purchasing related findings for External & Internal Audits, including follow ups.

• Promotes CI’s Purchasing Policies and Practices on transparency and accountability.
• Strict compliance to Child Protection Policy
• Non-discriminatory and respectful in relating with people especially the sponsored children/youth and their families, leaders and staff and other stakeholders.
• Areas of responsibilities above are the main functions that under any circumstances substitute or eliminate the responsibilities and functions established in C.I.’s manuals or any future assignments delegated by the Regional Director/Regional Coordinator to improve the Agency’s performance according to the annual evaluation and/or for technical improvement of the Agency.

A. KNOWLEDGE (This is gained and enhanced through a combination of educational attainment, continuing training and relevant work experience)
• Must be a graduate of B.A. Business Administration, preferably MBA, Community Development, B.S. in Civil Engineering, and/or other relevant courses.
• With at least 7 Years of experience in the following areas: operations, purchasing, building maintenance in a managerial/supervisory level, preferably in an international NGO.
• Has good knowledge in logistics, building maintenance/renovation/construction, purchasing, general services, budgeting and accreditation of vendors/third-party providers.
• With adequate knowledge in project management concepts, principles and practices
• Has extensive knowledge in various tools and IT systems and proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, MS project)

B. SKILLS (Demonstrated ability to perform the duties and responsibilities)
• Leadership skills. Provide clear direction and priorities, reinforces vision, and clarifies roles and responsibilities; able to perform the full-cycle of performance management; role models excellence, commitment and integrity.
• Quality of Work. Maintains high standards of work despite pressing deadlines; looks for ways to improve and promote quality works/services; demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness resulting to accurate and timely completion of projects/services.
• Strong analytical skills. Gathers relevant information systematically; synthesizes complex or diverse information; uses intuition and experience to complement data; designs work flows and procedures; has proven track record in analyzing work data to identify trends, improvements, innovations, and mitigates risks.
• Demonstrates Adaptability. Handles day-to-day work challenges confidently; is willing and able to adjust to multiple demands, shifting priorities, ambiguity and rapid change; shows resilience in the face of constraints, frustrations or adversity.
• Excellent communication skills. Conveys information clearly and effectively through both formal and informal documents. Speaks clearly and expresses self well in groups and in one-to-one conversations in English language.
• Sound judgment. Able to make sound decisions; exhibits sound and accurate judgment; supports and explains reasoning for decisions; involves the right people in decision-making process; makes timely decisions.
• Change Management. Develops workable implementation plans; communicates changes effectively; builds commitment and overcomes resistance; prepares and supports those affected by change; monitors transition and evaluates results.
• Team Development. Balances team and individual responsibilities; exhibits objectivity and openness to others’ views; gives and welcomes feedback; contributes to building a positive team spirit; puts success of team above own interests; able to build morale and group commitments to goals and objectives; supports everyone’s efforts to succeed; recognizes accomplishments of other team members.
• Project Management. Able to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control and close the projects.

C. ATTRIBUTES (Personal characteristics/styles/values relative to the performance of the role and to align with the organizational culture and ethos)
• Understanding the vision, mission, values and strategic priorities of the organization. Shows contextual understanding of services and issues relevant to the organization and aligns work priorities, activities and decisions to strategically support new initiatives, directions, changes, etc.
• Self-care and development. Learns from experience; actively pursues learning and self-development; seeks feedbacks; modifies behavior in light of right feedback; maintains healthy lifestyle.
• Positive Perspective towards the children and youth. Passionate to work with the vulnerable sectors of society especially the children and youth for better future. ”

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